Why Choose Acadia?

"What differentiates our programs from many others, and especially from those at large universities, is the nature of the student experience. Our size is small, our programs are rigorous, and our faculty members are extraordinarily centered on the academic and personal growth of their students."-- Dr. David MacKinnon, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

"Balance. That’s what we’re all looking for. In our work. In our personal lives. And, most of all, in the place we call home. So it comes as no surprise that Wolfville is the fastest-growing community in Nova Scotia. Only an hour from Halifax, Wolfville is an historic town that’s proud of its enlightened views on sustainability and diversity. We became the country’s first Fair Trade town. With care and deliberation, we’ve created the community we want to live in. Which, of course, had to include lots of opportunity for good food and drink too. Town and gown. Urban and rural. Hard work and good fun. In perfect balance. In the perfect place. At the perfect time. Wolfville. Just perfection.” --Town of Wolfville

"Acadia was an easy choice; small size, excellent academic reputation, and active involvement of professors in research. All these, in my mind, offer the best possible environment for learning."-- Elisabeth Frost, MSc Biology Student, Graduated Spring 2011