Graduate Studies Contacts

Dr. Anna Redden
Dean, Research and Graduate Studies


Areas of Responsibility:
 - Overall responsibility for the Division of Research and Graduate Studies

Theresa Starratt
Graduate Studies Officer

tl_files/sites/gradstudies/docs/Theresa1.jpgAreas of Responsibility:
 - Coordinate graduate admission submission, and official notification of decisions;
 - Collect external graduate scholarship applications (NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR/NSHRF)
   and administer internal graduate funding (AGA/AGTA) and related reporting;
 - Support the Master's thesis process;
 - Coordinate and complete course registration for graduate students; and
 - Support the Graduate Coordinators & the Senate Graduate Studies Committee.



Joy Cunningham
Graduate Education Course Manager

Areas of Responsibility:
- Coordinate and complete course registration for graduate education students;
- Process requests for letters for graduate education students;
- Coordinate with Open Acadia and the School of Education on course schedule;
- Support the Graduate Education Coordinator with Independent student registration; and
- Support the Counselling Faculty with Practicums & Accreditation tracking.

Barbara Baker
Research Office Administrator


Areas of Responsibility:
- Review/negotiate agreements and oversee the administration of grants and
  submissions and related reporting;
- Support the Honours Thesis process, HSRA and USRA administration and
  Internal Research Grant adjudications (25.55, SIG, Harrison McCain);
- Support the Senate Research Committee and the Senate Honours Committee; and
- Prepare and maintain RGS communications via website management and social media.