Graduate Faculty & Research Interests

Below you will find links to each of our programs faculty members and their research interests. Feel free to make contact with one or more while you are considering Acadia as your post-graduate institution. You will also find the list of theses that have been successfully defended in the last two years with that department. We hope to hear from you soon!


Master's Theses from Fall 2012-Spring 2016

Avery, Trevor, BSc (Guelph), MSc (Acadia), PhD (Memorial), P.Stat., Adjunct Professor and Instructor Marine ecology, fisheries, conservation stewardship, biostatistics 

Bondrup-Nielsen, Soren, BSc (Guelph), MSc (Tor.), PhD (Alta.), Professor
Population biology, conservation biology

Dadswell, Michael J., BSc, PhD (Car.), Professor
Fisheries biology, marine biology, invertebrate zoology

Evans, Rodger, BSc, MSc, PhD(Tor.), Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator 
Plant biology (systematics and phylogenetics)

Gibson, Glenys, BSc (Acad.), MSc, PhD (Alta.), Professor
Invertebrate development, life-history evolution

Hillier, N. Kirk, BSc., PhD. (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Assistant Professor
Neurophysiology, Chemical Ecology, Entomology, Behaviour

Kristie, David N., BSc(Agr) (Guelph), MSc (Alta.), PhD (Br.Col.), Associate Professor
Plant physiology

Mallory, Mark, BSc (Queen's), MSc, PhD (Carleton), Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair Tier II
Ecology and health of coastal habitats

Mockford, Steve, BSc (Acadia), PhD (Dalhousie), Associate Professor
Management and recovery of species at risk

Redden, Anna M., BSc, MSc (Acadia), PhD (Memorial), Associate Professor and Director, Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research
Estuarine and marine ecology

Reekie, Edward G., BSA, MSc (Sask.), PhD (Illinois), Professor
Physiological ecology, plant population ecology

Shutler, Dave, BSc, MSc(McGill), PhD(Car.), Associate Professor
Behavioural ecology of birds and parasites

Smith, Todd G., BSc, PhD (Tor.), Associate Professor
Eukaryotic microbiology and parasitology

Snyder, Marlene, BSc(Utah), PhD (Colorado), Associate Professor
Molecular population genetics

Stewart, Donald, BScH, PhD(Tor.), Associate Professor
Molecular evolution, molecular systematic

Stokesbury, Mike, Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair Tier II
Ecology of coastal environments

Taylor, Philip, BEnvs (Wat.), MSc (Wat.), PhD (Car.) Professor and Associate Chair, Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Research Network
Conservation biology, landscape ecology

Toews, Daniel P., BSc, MSc (Alta.), PhD (Br.Col.), Professor Emeritus
Animal physiology

Wilson, Brian C., BSc, MSc. PhD(Guelph), Associate Professor and Head of Department
Anatomy and physiology


Master's Theses from Fall 2012-Spring 2016

Banks, Jeffrey T., BSc(UPEI), PhD(Ottawa), Professor
Nanocomposite Materials, Photochemistry, Catalysis

Ellis, Bobby, BSc(Dalhousie), PhD(Windsor), Assistant Professor
Main group chemistry, small-molecule activation

Gossage, Robert A., BSc(Guelph), PhD(Vic.BC), Adjunct Professor
Inorganic and organometallic chemistry 

Jha, Amitabh, BSc(Ranchi), MSc., PhD(Delhi), Professor
Organic and medicinal chemistry 

Lukeman, Matthew J., BSC(St. Francis Xavier), PhD(Victoria), Associate Professor
Organic Photochemistry

McFarland, Sherri A., BA(Hendrix), PhD(U.C.SanDiego), Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator 

Murimboh, John D., BSc(McMaster), PhD(Carleton), Associate Professor and Acting Head of Department
Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Roscoe, John M., BSc, MSc(Acad.), PhD(McGill), FCIC, Professor Emeritus 
Physical chemistry, chemical kinetics

Roscoe, Sharon G., BSc(Br.Col.), MSc, PhD(McGill), FCIC, Professor Emeritus
Physical and bioelectrochemistry

Tong, Zhaoguo, B.Sc. (University of Science and Technology of China), Ph.D. (Queen's), Assistant Professor

Zamlynny, Volodymyr, MSc (Kyiv), PhD (Guelph), Associate Professor
Analytical chemistry and instrumentation

Community Development

Master's Theses from Fall 2012-Spring 2015

Department Head

Bissix, Glyn, CEd(Exon), DPE(St. Lukes), BSc, MSc(Oregon),PhD(Lond.: LSE), Professor
Conservation and outdoor recreation, integrated resource and environmental management.

Community Development Faculty

Colton, John, BA(University of Washington), MA, PhD (University of Alberta), Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Marine renewable energy, social acceptance, sustainable community development, Aboriginal tourism, sustainable tourism.

Riley, Gabrielle, BA(University of Alberta) Comparative Religion, M.A. (Dalhousie University) International Development), PhD (California Institute of Integral Studies), Globalization and Governance Certificate (University of Alberta)
Social creativity, healing, and justice, Participatory and relational leadership, Facilitation methods, Transdisciplinary, creative inquiry, and complex thought, Futures studies.

Sweatman, Mary, BRM(Acadia University), M.A. (Dalhousie University), Assistant Professor
Understanding community university partnerships that support student engagement; recreation for community well-being and social transformation.

Warner, Alan, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A., Ph.D. (Dalhousie University) Professor
Environmental education, nature interpretation and trail development, environmental sustainability, community youth leadership, ethical purchasing and fair trade and teambuilding and organizational development.

Adjunct Faculty

Callaghan, Edith, BA(Bennington), MA (Tufts), DBA (Boston), Professor
Environmental Sustainability

VanBlarcom, Brian, BA, MA (Acadia University), Ph.D. (Clemson University), Associate Professor
Tourism, Sports and Recreation, Financial Markets

Computer Science

Master's Theses from Fall 2012-Spring 2016

Benoit, Darcy, BSc (StFX), MSc, PhD (Queen's), Professor and Director
Autonomic computing, Databases, Distributed Computing, Computer Science Education.

Diamond, James, BScH(Acadia), MMath(Waterloo), PhD(Toronto), Associate Professor
Graph theory algorithms, data compression, algorithm analysis. Secondary interests include theory of computation, real-time systems and combinatorial optimization.

Giles, Frederick R., BSc(Victoria), MMath, PhD(Waterloo), Adjunct Professor
Virtual collaborative environments.

Lee, Greg, BSc (StFX), MSc, PhD (University of Alberta), Assistant Professor
Machine learning, Modern software engineering, Human computer interaction Data science

Malik, Haroon, MSc (Acadia), PhD (Queen's University), Adjunct Professor
Performance Analysis of Ultra-Large-Scale Software Systems, Mining Software Repositories, Green Software, Wireless Sensor Network, Ad-hoc Networks and Social Networks.

Müldner, Tomasz, MSc(Warsaw, Poland), PhD(Polish Academy of Science, Poland), Adjunct Professor
XML compression and encryption, Network and Data security.

Read, John, BSc(Wheaton College), MMath(Texas Arlington), PhD(Technical University of Darmstadt), Adjunct Professor
Numerical algorithms and methods, algorithms and complexity, software engineering, object oriented design and ruby on rails.

Shakshuki, Elhadi, MSc, PhD (Waterloo), Professor and Wheelock Chair
Intelligent Agents, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Distributed Systems, Handheld Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks.

Sheltami, Tarek, MSc (Benghazi, Libya), PhD (Queen's University), Adjunct Professor
Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Mobile Ad hoc and Actors Networks, RFID, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Network Design and Evaluation.

Silver, Daniel L., BSc(Acadia), MSc(W.Ontario), CIM(St Mary's), PhD(W.Ontario), Professor
Machine learning, data analytics, adaptive systems and intelligent personal assistants.

Trudel, André, BMath, MMath, PhD(Waterloo), Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Zhang, Haiyi, BSc (Harbin, China), MSc (New Jersey, USA), PhD (Harbin, China), Associate Professor
Neural networks, Multitask learning, Integrating Agents and GIS.


Master's Theses from Fall 2012-Spring 2016

Aylward, Lynn, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D., University of South Australia, Professor
Inclusive Schooling, Community/ Culture Based Schooling, Teacher Education Practices, Disability Studies in Education, Indigenous Education

Corbett, Michael, BA, BEd, MA (Acad.), MEd (Mt.St.Vin.), PhD (UBC), Professor
Educational sociology, literacy, accountability, the history of Canadian education, social theory, educational policy, rural schooling, early school leaving and resistance

Elshof, Leo J., BScH (Wat.), BEd (W.Ont), MScT(McM), PhD (OISE, Tor.), Associate Professor
Interdisciplinary environmental and sustainability education; Science. technology, society, environment (STSE) education; Technological Education and 'eco-technological' practices; Climate change and eco-justice education; Sustainability and higher education

Guiney Yallop, John J., BA (Memorial); B.Ed. (Toronto), M.Ed. (Brock), Ph.D. (Western Ontario), Associate Professor
Poetic Inquiry, and other arts-based research methods. Narrative Inquiry, Autoethnography and Performative Social Science. Emotions, Identities, and Communities. Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education, Aboriginal Issues in Education, and Teacher Education.

Hemming, Heather, BA, BEd(Acad.), MA(Calg.), PhD(Dal.), Professor and Vice President Academic (Acting)
Critical thinking, electronic-based literacies, health and literacy, literacy, critical literacy

Lehr, Ronald, BA(Ed), BA, MEd(Nfld.), PhD(Alta.), Professor
Comprehensive guidance and counselling; Post-Structural approaches to ethical practices in Counselling; relational ethics.

MacKinnon, J. David, BSc, BEd, Med(Acad.), PhD(Alta.), Professor and Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
Human sexuality; Leadership (especially pertaining to social justice); Interpretive and critical research methodologies; Organizational theory and school culture; Rural schools and communities

MacKinnon, Gregory, BSc(New Br.), BEd(Dal.), MEd (New.Br.), PhD(Wat.), Professor
Science Curriculum Development, Impact of Instructional Technologies on Classroom Instruction, Constructivist Approaches in the Classroom and Laboratory

Petrie, Allison, BA(Hons) (Dalhousie), MA, M.Ed., Ph.D. (Toronto), Assistant Professor
Issues in Inclusive Education, Behavioural Challenges in Education, and Educational Psychology

Piper, David, ARCM(Royal College of Music), BA(Camb.), PGCE(Lond.), MA(Reading), PhD(Alta.), Professor and Acting Director
Social psychology in education, educational linguistics and teaching English as a second language, post-modern philosophy and curriculum theory

Robinson, Beth, BA (Carleton), B.Ed. (Ottawa), M.Ed. (Mt. St. Vin.), M.Ed. (Acad.), Ph.D. (West Virginia), Associate Professor
Emotional literacy; Affect regulation; Counselling needs of public school and post-secondary students on the autistic spectrum; Life lessons from adults with intellectual disabilities; Counselling needs of adults with intellectual disabilities; International post-secondary student experiences; Adjustment and resilience in the face of serious and/or chronic illness; Primary and secondary trauma (vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue); Lifespan perspectives on aging; Resilience and life lessons from older adults; Counselling needs of older adults; Imposter syndrome across professions; Professional identity and territoriality in the helping professions; Professional supervision; Ethical considerations and practice across helping professions

Ross, Glynis, BA, B.Ed., MA (Dalhousie), Lecturer
Equity and social justice; School leadership and equity; Cultural, social and critical literacy; Links among critical thinking, critical pedagogy and philosophy for children

Stephens, Heather, Dip.Ed. BA. Bed(Acad.) EdD(Nova Southeastern), Assistant Professor
Assessment; Teacher induction; Curriculum development; Content area literacy; Multimedia learning resources; E-Learning

Sumarah, John, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D (Toronto), Professor Emeritus
L'Arche and human services; Comprehensive guidance and counselling; Ethics and counselling; and Spirituality 

Trofanenko, Brenda M., BA, MA, B.Ed. (Alta), M.Ed. (New Br.), Ph.D. (Br. Col.), Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Education, Culture and Community

Vibert, Ann, BA (Acadia), B.Ed.(MSVU), Graduate Studies English Lit (Dalhousie); M.Ed. (MSVU), PhD.(New Hampshire), Professor and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Professional Studies
Literacies (discourse theory, critical literacy, new literacies, rural literacies); curriculum; social justice education, and neo-liberal policy; qualitative research; gender/sexuality in schooling

Wheeldon, Linda, BA, M.Ed(California State), Lecturer
Psychotherapy Practices and Theories (including Feminist); Social justice and issues of equity Awareness and practices of engagement; Drama for Educators--the use of theatre in education and Therapy; Communications and Human Relations


Master's Theses from Fall 2012-Spring 2015

Stephen Ahern, BA (Queen's), MA (Car.), PhD (McGill), Professor
Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Literature; Theory and History of the Novel; TESL; Writing Across the Curriculum; the early novel

Wanda Campbell, BA(NEW BR.), MA(Windsor), PhD(W.Ont.), Professor and Head
Creative Writing; Writing by Women, particularly Nineteenth-Century Canadian

Richard Cunningham, BA(Simon Fraser), MA(Alta.), PhD(Pennsylvania State), Professor
Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century; Book History, Print Culture, Digital Humanities; Project Leader, Humanities HyperMedia Centre and Director, Acadia Digital Culture Observatory

Lance La Rocque, BA, MA(Vic.BC), PhD(York), Associate Professor
Modern Canadian Poetry; The Writer and Nature 

Anna Migliarisi, BFA(Windsor), MA, PhD (Tor.), Professor
Italian Renaissance Drama; Directing History; Theory and Practise, Acting Theory and Practise, The American Method, Modern Drama, Film

Lisa Narbeshuber, BA(Tor.), MA(Vic.BC), PhD(Tor.), Associate Professor
American Literature; Feminist Theory; Sylvia Plath

Kait Pinder, BA (Western), MA (Western), PhD (McGill), Assistant Professor
Canadian Literature, modernism, literary theory, literature and philosophy, Canadian Studies

Anne Quéma, License(Université de Savoie), MA(Car.), PhD(Lond.), Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Modern and contemporary British literature: fiction, poetry; Canadian experimental poetry; gender and queer studies; interdisciplinary and cultural studies; law and literature

Patricia Rigg, BA(C'dia.), MA, PhD (Calg.), Professor
Nineteenth Century Poetry; Gender Studies; British Aestheticism 

Andrea Schwenke Wyile, BA(Bishop's), MA(New.Br.), PhD(Alta.), Professor
Children's Literature, with a focus on first-person narration, the relation between words and pictures in picturebooks, and fairy-tale rewrites

Jon Saklofske, B.A. (Honours), M.A. (U. of Saskatchewan), Ph.D. (McGill), Professor
Romantic Period literature; William Blake; The Sister Arts; Digital Humanities; Media Studies; Video Game Studies

Jessica Slights, BA(Queen's), MA(UBC), PhD(McGill), Professor
Shakespeare; Early Modern Drama and Culture

Kerry Vincent, BA (Acadia), MA (UBC), PhD (Dal), Associate Professor
Postcolonial Literature: African and Caribbean; Travel Writing

Kevin Whetter, BA(Trent), MA, PhD(Wales), Professor
Medieval Literature, particularly romance and Thomas Malory

Mathematics & Statistics

Master's Theses from Sept 2012-Spring 2016

Cabilio, Paul, BSc, MSc(McGill), PhD(Columbia), Adjunct Emeritus
Rank based methods of inference, incomplete designs, nonparametric statistics, and mathematical statistics.

Chipman, Hugh A., BSCH(Acad.), MMath, PhD(Wat.), Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Modelling, Professor
Statistical learning, Bayesian methods, tree models and ensembles, unsupervised learning, industrial statistics, models for networks.

Clarke, Nancy, BSCH(Nfld.), MSc, PhD(Dal.), Associate Professor
Graph theory, game theory, Cops and Robber, partial information, domination elimination orderings, graph products, clique covers, isometric subgraphs, characterizations of classes of graphs (tandem-win, clique-win), design theory.

Curry, Eva, Assistant Professor
Digital representations for vectors and connections to wavelet theory, iterated function systems, probability, and number theory.

Haynes, Ronald D., BSCH(Nfld.), MSc, PhD(S. Fraser), Adjunct Professor
Scientific computing, numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, adaptive methods for PDEs, moving mesh methods.

Hooper, Jeff, BSc, MSc(Windsor), PhD(McM.), Associate Professor and Head
Algebraic number theory, Galois module structure, elliptic curves, cryptography and prime factorization, arithmetic algebraic geometry, representation theory and algebraic K-theory.

Karsten, Richard, BMath (Wat.), PhD(Alta.), Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Mathematical models of oceanography and fluid dynamics, tidal power, modelling tides, geophysical fluid dynamic, hydrodynamic stability, math biology, population modelling.

Lu, Wilson, Assistant Professor
Design of computer experiments, survey sampling with focus on replication-based variance estimation and confidentiality in surveys

Mendivil, Franklin, BSEng, PhD(Georgia Institute of Technology), Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Fractal geometry and analysis, signal and image analysis and processing using fractals and wavelets, stochastic methods in optimization (including Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing), Monte Carlo methods, mathematics of search engine design and performance, topology.

Peng, Jianan, BSc (Lanzhou), MSc (NanKai), PhD (Nfld.), Associate Professor
Order restricted inference, applications of multiple comparisons, non-parametric statistics.

Ranjan, Pritam, (Ph.D Simon Fraser), Assistant Professor
Computer experiments, sequential designs, combinatorial designs

Stephenson, Paul A., BSc, MSc, MBA, PhD(McM.), Associate Professor
Operations research, deterministic machine sequencing and scheduling problems, dominance orders, design and analysis of optimization algorithms, partial order theory.

Teismann, Holger, Graduate Diploma, PhD (Cologne), Associate Professor
Partial differential equations, analysis, mathematical physics; nonlinear Schroedinger equations, nonlinear and quantum optics, control theory.

Zhang, Ying, BSc(Shandong), MA, MSc, PhD(W.Ont.), Associate Professor
Estimation and Modelling of Time Dependent Models; Statistical Computing and Symbolic Algebra Computing; Statistical Research Consulting on Clinical Biostatistics, Survey and Research Design.

Political Science

Master's Theses from Fall 2012-Spring 2016

Alexander, Cynthia, BA, MA(Alberta), PhD(Queen's), Professor
General: Identity politics in Canada; First Nations Peoples in Canada; Canadian politics and government; comparative public policy; new media technologies; Northern studies in Canada; intersectionality of oppressions in Canada; Indigenous epistemologies and political contexts; place-based knowledge and narrative.
Specific: Digital equity and e-democracy; e-democracy; e-government and e-governance; digital designs and Indigenous peoples; virtual learning environments, gaming technology and identity politics; Inuit cultural identity and new media environments; gender, race and geography in Canada; Mi'kmaw governance; African Nova Scotians and public policy; public policy innovation among Inuit in Canada; culturally responsive pedagogy.

Biro, Andrew, BA (Toronto), MA, PhD (York), Professor
General: Environmental politics; political theory; political economy; cultural studies.
Specific: Environmental political theory; critical theory; water politics; politics of/and mass media and pop culture.

Brickner, Rachel, BA (Michigan State), PhD (McGill), Associate Professor
General: Politics of the Americas; workers' activism and labour rights; gender and politics; political economy, development, and migration.
Specific: Education politics and activism; labour organizing and precarious work; ethics of care.

Crandall, Erin, BA (STU), MA (UBC), PhD (McGill), Assistant Professor
General: Canadian politics, federalism, and public law.
Specific: Canadian courts, judicial selection, and election law

Multu, Can E., BA (UVic), MA (UVic), PhD (uOttawa), Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator
General: International Political Theory; Critical Security Studies; International Political Sociology, Science and Technology Studies
Specific: Border Security Technologies, Information Technologies and Security, Architecture and Security, Actor-Network Theory, Human Mobility and Migration Studies, Global Refugee Regimes, Middle Eastern Politics

Whitehall, Geoffrey, BA (Carl.), MA (UVIC), D.Phil. (Hawai'i), Professor
General: International Political Theory; Contemporary Political Thought;
Specific: Culture and Technology; Sovereignty, Preemption and Emergency; Aesthetics of International Politics; Cinema and Pop Culture; Politics of Space and Time.


Master's Theses from Fall 2012-Spring 2016

Bleile, Karmen, BSc(Calg.), PhD(McMaster's), Instructor
Attentional modulation of memory

Brodeur, Darlene, BA(Dal.), MA(W.Ont.), PhD(Br.Col.), Professor and Head
Attention, vision, ADHD, cognitive and lifespan development

Champod, Anne Sophie, BSc (U.Montreal), PhD (McGill), Associate Professor
Neuropsychology, clinical neuroscience, cognitive assessment and rehabilitation, attention, working memory

Hayes, Joseph, BAH(St.FX), MA(Alberta), PhD(Alberta), Assistant Professor
How people respond to threat --- How people cope with the awareness of death as well as other types of threat (e.g., failure, uncertainty, uncontrollability, meaninglessness, separation), why are these circumstances threatening, and how do people react; what types of emotions are aroused by threat and why; and how do people attempt to reduce negative emotions aroused by threat.

Holmberg, Diane, BAH(Wat.), MA, PhD(Mich.), Professor
Close relationships; self-concept

Horvath, Peter, BA(McGill), MA(W.Ont.), PhD(Ott.), Professor Emeritus
Assessment, personality, depression, stress and coping, health services delivery

Lametti, Daniel, B.Sc(Bishop's), M.Sc(McGill), PhD(McGill), Assistant Professor
How adult brains learn to produce, maintain, and remember complex movements, such as hand movements and speech production. Particular interest in the role of the brain's action systems in perception.

McLeod, Peter, BSc(Mt.All.), MSc(Nfld.), PhD(Dal.), Professor Emeritus
Social and cognitive development, control perceptions/judgements, stress and coping, risk factors for depression and anxiety

Newman, Randy Lynn, BSc(Mt. All), MSc, PhD(Dal), Professor
Cognitive Neuroscience, spoken word recognition, reading, and reading disabilities

O'Neill, Patrick T.H., BA(Victoria), MSc, PhD(Yale), Professor Emeritus
Community psychology and ethical decision-making

Price, Lisa, BSc(Acad.), MA, PhD (New Br.), Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Abuse in relationships, risky sexual behaviour, and risk factors for and prevention of depression

Symons, Douglas K., BSc(McM.), MA, PhD(W.Ont.), Professor
Early social development, attachment theory, parenting, theory of mind, and developmental psychopathology

Social & Political Thought

Master's Theses from Spring 2013-Spring 2015

  • Paul Abela (Philosophy)
    Kant; Moral theory
  • Andrew Biro (Politics)
    Critical theory; Environmental political theory; Political ecology/economy
  • Rachel Brickner (Politics)
    Comparative political theory; Latin American politics
  • James Brittain (Sociology)
    Critical Development Studies; Latin American Society and Politics; Political Economy; Revolutionary Social Theory
  • Michael Dennis (History & Classics)
    American Labour and the Social Movement
  • Marc Ramsay (Philosophy)
    Ethics and philosophy of law
  • Jon Saklofske (English)
    Literary studies; Media forms and functions; Narrative ideologies; Digital cultures; Virtual environments; Video game studies
  • Donna Seamone (Comparative Religion)
    Ritual studies; Ethnographic study of religion
  • Brenda Trofanenko (Education)
    Public history and pedagogy; Museum anthropology; Postcolonial theory; Memory studies
  • Geoffrey Whitehall (Politics), Program Coordinator (
    International political theory;Contemporary political thought; Discourses of culture and technology; Philosophy of space and time
  • Ian Wilks (Philosophy)
    Medieval philosophy; Philosophy of religion; Ethics and bioethics

Master's Theses from Fall 2012-Spring 2016

Abramson, Zelda, PhD (York), Associate Professor and Department Head
Health and Health Care, Families, Research Methods, Migration and Diaspora Studies

Auger, Jeanette A., PhD (British Columbia), Professor Emeritus
Gerontology; Women's Studies, Gay and Lesbian Studies, Death and Dying

Bonner, Claudine, PhD (Western), Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
African Diaspora Studies, Community History, Critical Race Theory, Education, Equity and Social Justice

Brittain, James J., PhD (New Brunswick), Professor
Critical Development Studies, Latin American Society and Politics, Political Economy, Social Theory

Casey, Rebecca, PhD (McMaster), Assistant Professor
Aging, Disability, Work and Employment, Sociology of Health and Illness, Research Methods, Social Inequality, Public Policy

Dharinger, Heather A., PhD (Carleton), Professor
Addiction Studies; Women's Studies, Crime and Deviance, Qualitative Methodologies

Frank, Lesley, PhD (UNB), Associate Professor (on sabbatical)
Sociology of Food, Family Poverty, Sociology of Health, Research Methods, Public Policy

Looker, E. Dianne, PhD (McMaster) Professor Emeritus
Education/Occupational Attainment, Gender Issues, Survey Methods, Rural Youth

Moore, Barb, MA (Acadia), Assistant Professor
Movements and Development, Social Theory, Work and Ethnocultural Diversity, Marxist Analysis

Rudrum, Sarah, PhD (UBC), Associate Professor
Sociology of Health and Illness, Gender and Health, Sociology of Family, Gender and Sexuality, Global Issues, and Qualitative Research Methodology

Thomson, Anthony, PhD (Cambridge), Professor Emeritus
Marxism, Organized Labour in Canada, Critical Criminology, Social Theory