Theses Defence Forms

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Forms for Students:

Preparing & Presenting Theses .docx / .pdf
Request for Master's Thesis Defence .docx / .pdf
Thesis Defence Responsibilites .docx / .pdf
Student Checklist (for after the defence) .docx / .pdf
Thesis Publication Withhold Request .docx

Forms for Thesis Committee and/or Supervisors:

External Examiner Invite (optional) .docx / .pdf
Guide for Chairing a Master's Defence .docx / .pdf
Checklist for Chairs .docx / .pdf
Thesis Defence Responsibilities .docx / .pdf
Acadia Outstanding Master's Research Award  .pdf
Internal Examiner Report .docx / .pdf
External Examiner Report .docx / .pdf
Thesis Declaration Form .docx / .pdf


Graduate Student Course Advising Form (optional)

This form, if adopted by an academic unit, is to be completed by the student and supervisor (or Graduate Coordinator if a supervisor wasn’t confirmed at the time of admission) prior to start of classes.

Pay Authorization Forms
Payroll Forms

In order to be set up on Acadia University's Payroll System, you must fill out personal payroll forms. Please consult the Human Resources website for further details. The three (3) forms required are:

  • New Hire Information Form
  • Federal Personal Tax Credit Form
  • NS Provincial Tax Credit Form
Leave of Absence & Program Extensions

For policies on Leave of Absences and Program Extensions, and the required forms for submission, please visit:

Part-time Student Progress Report

All graduate students are responsible for ensuring that their degree requirements are met (i.e., all courses completed and fulfilling the current academic standing requirements). Students should consult with their supervisor(s) for confirmation of degree requirements for their program.

Part-time graduate students (excluding MEd students and MAK Coaching students) must maintain continued enrollment in their graduate program each semester. Course registration is only completed once university fees are paid in full. Failure to self-register and pay the fees owing will result in discontinuation from the program.

The supervisor(s) of students who have become part-time students are expected to maintain supervision and monitor the progress of students to help ensure degree completion. Supervisors should meet with part-time students on a regular basis (at least once per semester). Meetings may include other members of the student’s supervisory committee. The frequency of these progress meetings may vary in accordance with specific program policies and the needs of the supervisor and/or student.

A part-time student progress report is to be completed when scheduled progress meetings take place. When the form is completed, a co-signed copy is to be shared with the student, supervisor, Graduate Coordinator, and the Department Head/School Director.

In cases where a graduate student is not making satisfactory progress with their degree (in the absence of circumstances that understandably delay progress), the supervisor(s) and Graduate Coordinator may make a request to the Associate VP Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies to have the student deregistered or dismissed from the program. In considering the request, the Associate VP Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies will request a meeting with the student to discuss the circumstances and then meet with the Graduate Coordinator and supervisor(s) to discuss possible next steps. A designate must be appointed in the case that the Graduate Coordinator is the supervisor of the student.

Conference Funding

Graduate students presenting at a conference (or professional workshop) can apply for assistance through Graduate Studies <Application form>

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time, we can only consider applications for support from students in the natural sciences and engineering field.

Travel Claim Form

If you need to submit a travel claim, please visit the Business Office website for further details and the required form.

Graduate Curriculum Forms

Curriculum changes must to be approved by:

1. The dept/school;
2. Heads/Directors; then
3. Faculty Council.

Curriculum Forms are located on the Registrar's Office website at:

When the forms are ready to be sent to Graduate Studies, they should be submitted either by the dept/school requesting the changes, OR the Dean's Office, after the Faculty Council meeting has taken place and the changes have been approved.

IMPORTANT NOTE per MPHEC Website: As a rule, modifications to a degree that affect approximately 25% or more of the program require submission to MPHEC. Normally, these modifications ought to be submitted using the Information Requirements for Proposals to Modify Programs. In some instances, however, the modification ought to be submitted as a proposal for a new program given the extent of the change; for example, normally, if the proposal is to introduce a new major or stream within an existing degree program, the proposal ought to be submitted following the Information Requirements for Proposals for New Programs. Please refer to the MPHEC website at: